The company is headed by Mr. Chandran Andy, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Asia Global Technology Sdn Bhd. Asia Global Technology Sdn Bhd. was established in 2011 to provide Information Technology support to the well-established organization as well as delivering a full range of System Integration services that help organizations meet their business objectives.

Who are we?

A small briefing

Asia Global Technology offers a breadth of professional expertise and experience. Our consultants advise on a wide range of business and System Integration issues and manages major projects. Software developers design and build systems and integrate software applications that make a positive impact on clients’ businesses. Systems engineers design and manage network infrastructures and system operations to enhance their performance.

Our Training professionals deliver and manage training activities to maximize clients’ investments in people and technology. We live in the world of continuous change and with the advent of the Internet, the pace of technological change has hastened. Globalization, legislation, growth, competition, diversification and rising customer expectations are just some of the drivers for change and constant improvement. Asia Global Technology can help, working with organizations, to explore and deliver new ways of doing business and new ways of using technology in delivering positive change to improve efficiency, reaching out to more customers cost-effectively and improve service to customers. Organizations now view System Integration as part of their wider business objectives.

Asia Global Technology is business-focused. We understand commercial realities and clients’ needs to meet their challenges. At Asia Global Technology, we aim to maximize the business benefits of technology and to deliver competitive advantage. Asia Global Technology draws on specialist expertise from the whole group and selecting the right mix of professional skills and experience to deliver an integrated business solution with clear business benefits, thus maximizing clients’ business performance.

Quality and care are Asia Global Technology objectives and commitment in our quest to deliver clients’ objectives. We demand a great deal of our staff – committed and experienced professionals who work hard to make positive improvements to clients’ business. Asia Global Technology believe that its success and achievement come from seeing its clients succeed as a result of its contribution.